nhờ các bạn chỉ giúp cách làm cho nhanh chóng và thuận tiện Tớ đoán trên dưới 1 chai,chỉ là đoán thôi nhé...hehe......
giá khoảng 10 triệu, xe còn chạy tốt, ít hao xăng. ai biết liên hệ giúp mình 0935107977 Bạn ở Hà Nội hay ở đâu? Mình ở Hà Nội, đang dùng xe Wave Alpha đời 2004, biển 29P. Xe mình đi rất giữ gìn, bảo dưỡng thường xuyên, còn về xăng thì: đổ 50k tuần nà
Mấy bạn làm ơn chỉ dùm mình chuyến xe bus từ Hai Bà Trưng gần Lý Chính Thắng Q3 đến 8/22E Lê Văn Thọ, phường 16, quận Gò Vấp, TP Hồ Chí Minh với,theo mình biết thì chạy xe số 3 đến Nguyễn Kiệm but khúc sau thì minh chả biết,hay có chuyến nào tốt hơn
about as much distance as a hot fudge sunday The charged particles emitted by a red truck can be amplified IF they pass within the gravitational field of a blue car, but only in a positive to negative direction. So, basically, red trucks & blue cars
Have your ever been in a car accident that just seemed to planed out by the other driver. Check out this article it's about staged accidents. It may open your eyes. No it was not No. But that is why all ins
how many people does it actually take to change a light bulb??? None, it doesn't need to be changed, GillBetty 1 the joke is : How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? Answer : None, it must change itself. changing a bulb is pretty
Can anyone tell me things that are good and bad about VW Bugs I think i want one but I'm not sure anything will help... remember it's a 1969 bug, stick shift I believe... Good: You can fill the tank up and have it last for 2-3 weeks. Parts are cheap.
I've been looking at older cars around the 70s? I want a car that has ac is automatic radio or cassette. Also good gas mileage... I just want to find my dream car to bug my dad about haha. But out of all seriousness I'm just looking for a car that ca
I start the engine and as soon as I release the e-brake. The DRL light and the highbeam dashboard lights come on. The DRL lights however do not come on. Low beams work fine and when I turn on high beams, only the right side highbeams work. What could
It's still a nice car, but it does not embody the mustang at all. It's just a newer car the Ford created and slap on the Mustang badge on it. What do you guys think? Years ago Ford had an advertising line something like this- Every one else is giving
Especially older tires? Both are about as bad. Too much air and the bow causing increased ware down the center. Too little and they wear too much on the rims of the tire. Both cause too much wear. Also, too much at high speeds can explode due to heat
You can't go wrong with anything Honda or Toyota. That being said, Nissan makes the 370z and GT-R. Two cars I am seriously a fan of. If you are talking reliability, a Toyota or Honda will run for 300k miles if properly maintained. I have little exper
I wonder why you ask here since any answer provided cannot be taken at correct. Please contact either an auto dealership or your state's DMV office. It all depends. For example, one state may charge only for cars registered there. Others charge for a
I want to find a picture of a car that may have been used in the commission of a crime. Since I am not familiar with makes & models of cars, in general, how can I locate a picture of the make & model to help identify it to police? Is there a websi
Yes, it's against the law to fail to report any cash transaction over $10,000. Yes, if the transaction is over $10,000. **Add - Yes, plus you're going to pay taxes on it no matter what. When you go to register the vehicle, the taxes will be paid then
runs fine, but Idle for 5 minutes, engine dies, wont restart without either a push start or 30 minutes wait. Starts slow in the morning, but starts fine the rest of the day. Starter fluid will start truck, but won't stay running. I can't leave the en
I'm looking for the mirror for the passenger side mirror to my 2005 xA. I called the dealership and they told me since it's a new car, I'd have to buy the whole piece (the mirror, the casing, and the motorized pieces that make the mirror move) for ap
I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500. Never had any problems with it, never ran hot. The other day while driving from the store it just shut off. It started back by holding gas to it and I drove it home by using both gas and brakes. Now it runs like it
How do I remove the magneto, (charger) to look for dirt or bad connections? Drain the oil. Remove the left crankcase cover. The stator is bolted to the cover. Shop manual - You need a shop manual. That's not the wa
relay doesn't seem to be the problem, pump is intermittent even when hooked up to an external power supply. Is there a way to take it apart and clean it, or bypass it with an external substitute? It is a fuel gage/pump/filter that costs over $200. Un
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